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Terms and Conditions

Please read carefully for participating in the volunteering program offer by SMILE Society (NGO NGO /NPO) India. By submitting your Online Registration Form and email communication and application through our partners, you confirm that you acknowledge and accept the following terms and conditions.You confirm that you have read all of the information available on our website about the aim of the project, activities, accommodation, terms of participation and you understand and accept the nature of volunteering program.You agree that you respect the policies of the community and the rules of the host family in which you are staying – if you’re going outside to visit the area by yourself you will be come back every day before 7:00 p.m, you will respect your host family members and the accommodation & pay for any damage you may cause, you will not use any alcohol or smoke in your accommodation. In case you arrive earlier or like to stay after the completion of your program you may be accommodated on additional cost if the place is available. Volunteers will stay in a  shared room with someone who is the same gender. If you choose to leave for a weekend or holiday during your placement, you will not receive any refund for any service from local host family.You are provided with fresh homemade Indian food three meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Most of the Indian families do not prepare non-vegetarian food so you must respect their religion and not bring any kind of food at home which is non-vegetarian.The accommodation and meals provided at the house will be basic. The money which host family charge you for the program covers your accommodation, food,limited wifi, airport transfers (8am-6 pm), local support, language Lession, etc. Volunteers need to pay extra direct to the taxi driver if they wish to go somewhere for their own personal interest, emergency or airport drop off on last day (early morning). All our volunteer programs have everyday attendance of children & women around 10-20.  Due to some unforeseen circumstances or festival holidays may be you can found lesser attendance of children in class. By agreeing to the terms and conditions you agree that SMILE Society (NGO /NPO) can use your photos, videos and written feedback from the project to post on its website or in any other web domains for the promotion of volunteer programs future volunteers training purpose. Our Program Payment System – If you are coming through our partners then you required to pay the registration fees to your country based organisation (our partners) & the living cost as your participation fees on arrival to the host /organization representative by cash in full amount for your full duration in advance. This payment is a non refundable and non transferable amount in case you leave earlier than your applied duration because of your personal decision or emergency leave. .You should hold a valid passport/visa for the entire duration of your travel. You will have to obtain an Indian visa on your own to entry into the country. SMILE Society (NGO /NPO) will not be responsible in any case if you do not carefully read & follow visa rules and apply for appropriate visa.Please consult your doctor to see what vaccinations you need before coming here.Insurance and Liability – The program fees do not cover any insurance and liability of you. It is your sole responsibility to arrange for such insurance and liability coverage in such amounts as you deem adequate or necessary. You may need during the project coverage for: light work; the cost of cancellation of the placement that you could do; the cost of assistance including repatriation in the event of accident or illness; legal liability and expenses; lost baggage; medical expenses; kidnapping; death, liability arising due to personal injury. You are also solely responsible for maintaining any necessary insurance documents with you as may be needed to prove any insurance coverage available to you. The organization do not take any responsibility for any kind of accident/disease – Attack by  any street animals with you while working/staying in the program. We will not be liable for any damages resulting from your failure to buy appropriate insurance.SMILE Society will not be responsible for your any kind of Lost/Theft of money, baggage and personal things during the program. Please take care of your things by your own at the accommodation, project site, in tuk-tuk (auto-rickshaw) or travel by your own. Organization will not pay for your any lost or theft.Information Update- We update our website on monthly basis. Kindly make yourself updated with us or check our website if there is anything change in the program or any terms in advance. Cancellation and Refund Policy: No refund is available from local host. Please check with our partner if they have any cancellation policy for the registration fees, they might have charged you.  Immediate Termination of Agreement by SMILE Society: If we discovers that you are involved in any illegal activities or convicted of any criminal activities before or during the project period. We cannot admit you without depositing the complete program fee. The rooms are shared by the volunteers with the same gender, group, couple or your family members which are doing the program with you. If you don’t shared your room with other volunteer you will terminate from the program on immediate basis. If it is found that your behavior is threatening or unacceptable to the society or anyone involved with the project based on the judgment of the project staff and/or program coordinator. Any information provided by you to SMILE Society at the time of enrollment is found to be incorrect or false information about your medical or mental health conditions. If it is found that you are using drugs or intoxicating material during the course of the project. If you do not follow the Indian dress code, does anything against the law of the land. If you are found to be engaged in sexual behavior while you stay in the volunteers’ home/host family. If we find that you are not following the rules regulations & terms condition of the volunteering program. You must need to respect & understand that you are working in an under-developed country. If you are found to disrespect the image of the organization/host family members/ facilities getting in host country and making propaganda against the organization. In case the agreement is terminated due to volunteers’ involvement in any of the above activities, he/they will not be entitled to work anymore for SMILE Society(SMILENGO). Registered name is "Situational Management and Inter Learning Establishment Society " (registered under Indian society Act since 2004). 
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